Sunday, November 30, 2014

"We're People"


  1. The graph has bottomed out. I guess no one wants to hear any of this. Fine. Go somewhere else to see pictures of pretty white boys. You'll never see them here again.

  2. Hey! I'm still here!

    Not even pictures of black & white boys getting super-friendly? I'd kind of like to make some of those. 'Course the ones I have in mind might not make the Spogblot censors' cut, but maybe I could manage a PG 13 rating.

    It seems pretty clear Sidney that you are really pissed. I feel like maybe I've contributed to that by confirming a negative scenario about America and the world - even tho really just trying to say what looks to me like the way things are.

    It may not be that the world is such an awful place; it's just that this is a fairly awful time.


  3. It's not you my friend it's just the times as you say. Also the ethnic preference of the audience is very clear on my end. I used to let it go as I said, but these days with the body count of Black boys being what it is I'm not as patient as before.

    Perhaps you 'could' draw some boys of mixed colors. That would be sweet. I'll post them here, and on "Dragonfly". I don't have the heart to draw anything just now.

    Also I note that the numbers are inching back up. Mostly from overseas. No surprise there. Americans don't like hearing the truth about themselves. Especially on this blood stained subject. This nation's Original Sin along with the Genocide of the Natives Peoples.

    As I say I'm just so weary.

    Look I'll see what I can do here. After all how can I banish Charlie from these pages.

    Thanks to you, and Lukas for staying...for always being there.

    Stay Tuned.