Thursday, November 6, 2014

"A Gift from Moebius"

The black, and white ink sketch'n autograph was done for me by the late French Comix Artist "Moebius". This was some years back..tho' it seems like last week.

He was a really sweet guy. I worked my nerve up, and showed him some of my Queer Angel, and Faerie pieces. When he saw them he smiled, and laughed...he said, " are a lover of winged boys."

He went on to give me generous pointers about the work. "Cleanness of line is so important" he said.  Also he spoke about character expression, and development.

Yeah I actually got a brief private tutorial from bleeping Moebius!

Good Grief!!

If you're unfamiliar with him, and his works go here:

You'll really like it.


 Stay Tuned.



  1. That's so great you got to meet Moebius, *and* have a master lesson from him too.

    I find that clear line style extremely challenging. Its simplicity is totally deceptive. The tiniest error stands out a mile. The way he leaves the figure's left foot in your drawing incompletely outlined, yet feeling solid, is a masterly touch. Looks like he musta been a Jimi Hendrix fan too. Good man!


  2. Wow a Master indeed!

    Years later I still strive to practice what he taught.

    Wow I have had an interesting life.

    Would make a good movie.

    I want Whoopie Goldberg to play me as I am now. The very young Jay North to play me as a lad.

    Also the queer teen character from the first season of "Glee" to play me as a high school nerd.

    Joe Peshy to play me as a soul in Heaven before I was born.

    This as Saint Peter is talking me into being reincarnated as a Queer Negro in mid-20th century America. It was a seriously Tuff Sell!