Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"My Country 'Tis of Thee..."


 Well as expected the Republican/Tea Party, which was formed specifically as a reaction to the election of the first non-White President. Well those jolly fellas just took both Houses of the United States Government last night.

Democracy is like that.

Sometimes you get the Bear other times the Bear eats you. Of course they'll try to undo all of the recent progressive trends. Queer marriage Planetary Climate Change measures stop what little equal pay, and abortion, and medical rights women have...the usual.

Oh yeah the really want to overturn the Civil Right Act of 1964. 

That little sweetie ended legal race segregation, and assorted crimes in this country. They say it's not needed anymore since there's no more separation of races...right. 

Aw well.

Ya know I'm not really that upset about all this. Sure these folks will try to do as much damage, and mischief as possible, but time history, and most of all demographics are solidly against them. In their internal agenda memos they even admit their only chance at power is voter suppression.

They're out numbered know it, and hope the traditional apathy, and profound stupidity of the American people will work in their it always has, and did again last night.

Mind you these folks are just folks like you'n me, ...Americans as I go on about below. They just have a slightly different view as to what this country is, and should be...fine. Others have another view.

We'll work it out.

Btw in 2012 more non-white babies were born in our Blessed Republic that white ones. Our brethren know this, and it freaks them the hell out. Hence the Tea Party, and the years of obstruction.

They know their time is running out.

(I wish the Angry White Guys could finally understand that we'll be far kinder to them than they 'ever' were to us,...and we will. Hey we're just folks ya know.)

It's likely the Republican/Tea Party never without serious change ever get the White House again so they figure they'll rule from the back seat. Heck Democrats did this for years during the Republican hegemony.  So turn-about is fair play.


All I'm saying is that this country has moved on. It's including more, and more folks into the mainstream. Folks that were ignored or outright persecuted once...and still to a degree. So last light was just another confused angry passionate step on our National Journey towards what we Dream this Country to Be.

A House of brawling pissed off deranged Big Hearted Generous Brave United confused people. Yep that's America...I'd know her anywhere.

Stay Tuned.


  1. two poems I wrote, one before I voted, and the other when I heard results.

    Mid-Term Election 2014

    Who is it I will vote for?
    What if all I want is neither/nor?
    Such a lot of angry noise:
    they’re all worse than little boys,
    tattling loudly on each other,
    with enough angry words to smother
    whatever ideas they do promote
    in enough sewage to fill a moat.

    Who is it I will vote for?
    I guess it has to be either/or.
    Well, if there is one thing I know:
    it’s to whom I will say, “NO!” –
    which ones should not ever get in,
    so I guess I want the others to win,
    and in this current electoral war,
    I’ll vote for the ones I least abhor.

    Midterm Lament

    The harsh ordeal is ended for a time.
    The votes are cast: the counting’s mostly done,
    and all the races have at last been run,
    so shouldn’t the winners dispense with slime?
    Why won’t they wash off that filthy grime?
    Why can’t they leave behind the awful names
    and all those deep conspiracy games;
    that for so long have been our nation’s clime?
    It won’t be seen, you know, there’ll be no rest.
    The rage goes on without a bit of change.
    I don’t expect these folk to pass the test,
    nor will their wrangling bring us to the best.
    Oh, can major’ty rule be oh so wrong?
    Oh yes it can - - and that’s my song

    ----------ed pacht

  2. Hope returns. America is back. A rising tide swamps all boats. The ship of state, guided by a sure hand, steers us firmly toward a rendez-vous with Davy Jones. Our Manifest Destiny: to trickle down all the way to the oozy bottom. We have the political will to do it, & now we have the leadership. Onward & Downward!


  3. My point exactly.

    Remember the night Obama was re-elected, and how all the Tea Baggers were going to throw themselves off bridges? Well last night today, and for a few weeks more it's our turn. Till the shock wears off anyway.

    This is just how this country works. It very rarely gives a President or either house full power. It's almost always a split job. So now the Angry White Guys can get busy doing their dirty work as the lame duck President veto's the hell out of all their insane measures.

    In two years...a moment in politics, we go at it again as the Dems try to take back both houses, and Hillary gets the White House. This is the game this is how it's played.

    Com'on Satan has more style than to depend on electoral politics to bring on the Tribulation.

    Btw ed as always swell poetry. My poetry is 'so' bad I'm forbidden by Federal law from posting it. So I'll stick to sweaty deranged prose, and call it a day. Thanks for being out there, and posting comrade. Love to you too "Z"!