Saturday, November 29, 2014

I've noticed that my "View" numbers have nose dived taken a dramatic drop since I'm been posting about our race matters. How about that. If you look at the graph on the upper right you can actually see the plunge.

Yes very interesting that.

Reminds me of how years ago on some of my former Queer blogs there was a decided preference for art, and photos of white boys. A rather pointed preference I saw.  

It troubled me, but I let it go at the time.

The murder of that Black 12 year old boy Tamir Rice by the Police broke something inside me. Maybe 'he' was my last  Spiritual straw. After a lifetime of witnessing such things maybe I just can't bear it anymore.

Oh my what a time we're cursed to be in. Perhaps I should retire from this medium as well. I have been thinking this for some time. 

...yes maybe the time to go has at last come. 

At least for this, and my Queer page. I have thought to start over with another name, and a very different format, and other subjects. Listen this is 'no' plea for comments support or other crap like that. None of that.

I am very very weary bitter sad angry betrayed, and have I think gone as far as I can.

We'll see.


  1. If you give up posting, I'll miss you. But if you decide that you'd happier spending your time kicking back and relaxing to old episodes of Dr. Who, you certainly have every right. Do what's best for your well-being.

    I have quite a bit more to say, but I need to mull it while I work on some art projects.