Friday, November 21, 2014

"Canary in the Mine Shaft"

I was traveling today doing all the mysterious things an ex-engineer, but still current pervert artist anarchist, and trouble maker does. When I bumps into this cool bit of stuff on the subway.

They're doing a lot of art underground these past few years trying to gentrify the tunnels. I assume this is part of the City's ongoing war on the Working Class, and assorted Working Poor.

When they start making things look nice it's a sure sign they're about to kick you out by raising the rents, and having goons harass you. Now are they looking to price us out of the subway as well.

Mind you I like the new subway art, but if I see any mimes down there I'm pushing them fucks onto the doubt to the applause of all watching!


  1. Speaking of goons who hassle you, I had that unpleasant experience at the supermarket lately. Apparently shopping at their store is cause for suspicion of criminal activity.

    Have you noticed how malls these days are crawling with security personnel? Never used to be that way. I suspect these things are indicators of social and cultural decay. Such a banana republic approach to security is not needed anywhere except in a banana republic.


  2. I've seen the same thing. In train stations, and public spaces there are actual Army folks with automatic weapons wandering around. Time was you only saw that in films about...well Banana Republics or Commie Police States.

    Also as you say a lot of Rent'a Swat Teams around. That's a new one. Security is a growth industry. One see's recruitment posters around. The militarization of civilian policing is something that will be very very hard to undo.

    Like bad laws this will take the work of generations to undo because of the money, and political clout it has. However if the Fall the Breakup comes...well.

    This is a built in private Army waiting to work for the highest bidder like they were after Katrina. I'll never forget that. Overnight 'some' folks down there ceased to be citizens of a free Republic, and became targets.

    Yeah bad shit is here. Far worse shit about to hit too.

    Comrade I just don't know what to say.