Saturday, November 29, 2014

Watch carefully this video of the shooting of a 12 year old Black boy. The cops roll up, and shoot immediately. No chance whatever for the kid. He had a realistic looking toy gun yes. He was seen with it, and the cops called. 

This was the right thing to do.

A person no matter how young with a live pistol is a danger to others. So far so good. The cops roll up...the boy is not brandishing the gun. He's standing there as the car stops. The Cops are barely out of the car, and begin shooting.

It's done.

As I say in a further down post. If the lad had been a rosey cheeked white boy of the same height age, and dressed exactly the same he'd be alive. The policemen in question said the radio told them that a "Black male aged 20 was firing a gun in the air."

Of course that sounds dangerous profoundly so. 

However when getting to the scene, and seeing it was just a kid..., and no gun immediately apparent. Also I say again imagine it was a white 12 year old. Would they have shot him to pieces?


Blacks, especially Black males of any age are regarded in our culture as dangerous. The entertainment, and news medias have taught us this for generations. It doesn't help that young Blacks do commit violent crimes beyond their percentage of society.

It also doesn't help that the vast majority of Black youth do not commit crimes of any kind. Sort of like I was, and am.

As I said if he were a white boy aged 12 with a toy gun that looked real he would have been given the shadow of a doubt. As in all Death Penalty cases. A Shadow of a Doubt would have saved Tamir Rice's life.

He was just a kid playing with a gun with no concept of the danger that would be, He was fucking TWELVE!!!!!!!!!!!. 

A kid playing. 

Yes a dumb dumb move to go outside with a realistic toy pistol, but how could he know that. Kids do stupid things that's how they learn that's how we learned.

Again as I said before if this had happened in a White community with a 12 year old White kid. The cops would have confiscated the toy gun. Then sternly warned him. Taken him home to his parents with more warnings, and that would be it. 

At worse the parents would have been given a desk appearance summons.  That, and maybe some social worker crap thrown in, but that would have been it.

Just that!

Their son their precious baby would be alive. Alive with a weird family story about how he got busted for a cap pistol when he was a kid. It would come up at Thanksgiving dinner every year, and everybody would laugh.

Oh are so full of Shit.

Stay Tuned.


  1. It's just a murderous act by criminal cops. Where are their heads at, that they can do this? Up their rumps?

    It blows me away that they can get away with this.


  2. No these cops weren't criminal or unusual in any way. They were just urban cops patrolling a Black community with all that implies. It would be too easy to dismiss them as monsters. They're not.

    They're cops. Inner City Cops

    They did what all such cops do. Blacks are not people their lives don't matter they're seen as savage animals so it's usually shoot to kill. Even for children. This is hardly the first Black kid shot to pieces in any 'Hood. It's as you should know somewhat routine.


    Check the Police Blotter sites around the country. Shooting Black boys is no big deal in this country. It just happens that once every few years a particular case get press like this one. Once the noise dies down it will be business as usual..