Thursday, November 6, 2014

"The Forever War"

 So basically our decades long Culture Wars are between two groups. On the Right ya got Stupid Racist Gun Nut Science is the Tool of Satan Queer Bashing Book Burning Let the Poor Starve Semi-literate jerk offs.

There's so much more, but this covers the main points.

On the Left ya got Stupid Arrogant Smarty Pants Tree Hugging Business Hating Queer Race Mixing PBS Watching Wet Back loving Anti-G-d Dope Addict Pansy's that read too much, but Never the Bible.

Of course there more on these guys too, but ya know.

These two groups of maniacs refuse to speak or compromise with each other. They don't see each other as human beings. They're locked in an eternal struggle of gross abysmal stupidity waste hate, and fear. 

They've also hijacked the entire national conversation for some decades now, and the rest of us would kinda like it back for a while.

I mean we need to get some things done.

Our cities bridges roads parks the works are falling the hell apart. Fer bleeps sake how many more local bridges need to collapse before either side give a fuck. 

Did I mention schools that actually teach food for all justice pursuit of Happiness, and assorted swell noises like that.

Yeah yeah the "Left" talks a big game on that stuff, but where's the Beef?! The "Right" won't even go 'that' far. They just wave guns around, and praise Jebuss!

I'm starting to get tired of the choice between Cancer, and Gangrene. 

Humm that or getting a red-hot barbed poker shoved up my butt or have live hungry weasels sewn into my belly. That or be sentenced to high school for 20 years or stand in line at the DMV for life!

'Am I getting through here?

Put it this way.

Fuck all this demented Foul Shit...Let's get back to Work!

Because there's a Bleep Load of Work to do!!

'Of course I mean all this in a Nice Way.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Roads & bridges are falling apart because maintenance funds have all gone to bailouts & bombs - or in other words, infrastructure decays while ever scantier national wealth goes into propping up military control of the imperial periphery, while the rich squeeze any remaining wealth out of the ever-more-numerous-and-desperate poor with ever-intensifying ruthlessness. This is exactly what happened in the case of Rome, and now we are well along in descending the same path.

    The problem with our NPR-loving friends is that they too want to keep driving to the mall forever. Whether you do this in an SUV or a Nisan Leaf really doesn't make all that much difference. But they'll probably wind up shooting each other to death over it anyway.


  2. God I'm such a bummer, aren't I? I'll try to go lighter on the realism next time. Note to self: never post with a splitting headache.


  3. Hey you're cool it scanned true, and fine.

    I was medically bleeped up myself for a bit there so didn't reply right away. My brain, and assorted higher function were on pause...sorta like Hal.

    As for what we're living though, hell what to do?

    As Pervert Artists our job in Wartime is to continue making Weird'n Beautiful Art to counter the Shit Storm of Lies Death, and bad Movies out there. We are the Shock Troops of da "G-ddess", and her only begotten son the "Holy Boy" in these hard times so as they say in the real Army...

    "Suck it Up Troop!"

    "The War is That Way!"