Thursday, November 13, 2014

"This is Who We Are"

Racism is a cancer that kills slow. Jim Crow was legal when I was a boy. Right here in NYC there were places I didn't go for fear of my life. Couldn't go to some playgrounds couldn't be a Scout couldn't live on the Island though we could afford to. Went to a fucked racist Catholic school. Got the shit beat out of me there by Irish, and Italian kids.

I remember going into a soda fountain near school...that's how long ago it was. I was maybe 9, and I asked for a coke...10 cents. The guy made it...then spat into it, and handed it to me. You're fucking to deal with that?

Fucked up by cops since I was six...was picked up at age 6..someone purse snatched. We were one of the first Negro families on the block so aged "SIX" I clearly must have done it. Sure little stuff compared with lynching getting shot burned drowned castrated which was happening when I was little. Not as big a deal yeah.

Still it's a Slow Kill.

I ought to be a race nut. A Black Racist like those that turn up in the media from time to time. They're the mirror image of White racist. They say the same things, and have hearts lost, and blinded by fear, and rage. However I was taught better by my folks, and my older neighbors. Nearly all of whom were Holocaust survivors. Yeah. The sight of those green numbers on their arms was common all through my kidhood.

Sure some were assholes, but most were good, and very kind to me. I guess that's why I don't have that just below the surface Jew Hate so many Blacks seem to have. No one admits to it, but it's there, and I see it all the time. We have a serious Homophobia problem too. Even Obama mentioned this once...only once.

So anyway it's interesting to watch racism argued about theoretically by people who on the whole ain't really racist...or no more than the rest of us.

Leftist Radicals do this to each other a lot.

White Left Radicals go on, and on about whose racist or who said what, and could it be construed as racist. Black Radicals cynically use the threat the accusation of "racist" attitude to shut down discussion of anything they don't want to go near or be truthful Black violent crime. You know the routine.

A Slow Kill.

That's what True Racism is. It kills your soul rots your inner Holiness shuts down your Vision of the Possibilities. The grand irony is there is 'No' real race. I mean other than the Human Race.

We're all first cousins.

About 70,000 years ago there was a planetary Volcanic Decade. A volcano blew that clouded the Earth for years. Many species died out.

We nearly did.

The Human survivors lived in caves on the shores of the east coast of Southern Africa. It's thought that the Human Race was reduced to as few as a thousand to as truly few as 500 women capable of having children.

Some think this may be the origin of the "Adam, and Eve" story. That or the beginning of the Matriarchal culture...the Mother G-ddess. The oldest theology of our continuing cultures.

Well from these few yet another passage out of Africa came. From them came we all. This explains the DNA "bottleneck". There's almost no genetic drift to our race as compared to all the other species on this world. We are from one very small band of survivors.

This is why there are no actual "races". It's just one else just all of us together. Different superficial outward changes happened in those 70k years due to climate, and so on, but it's just us.

It would be the same as if we were hit by a small has to be small or all life is toast. Literally. If we were hit this month, and the only survivors lived on the North Island of New Zealand. 70,000 years from now all of humanity would be descended from that tiny group.

Even as 'we' are descended from our Great Great Grandmothers on the shores of South Africa.

That's it. That's the Human Story.

Stay Tuned.

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