Monday, November 10, 2014


It's starting to get cold, and wet. I have the onset of the damned flu...again too. No problem...I'll just chop up the furniture to keep warm.

No  not snowing yet, but it feels like snow weather sometimes...especially at night. Heck used to love that stuff. Now I dread that cold feeling in my old damned bones.

Pardon me I got to write Santa again.

I've been posting with him, and the Tooth Fairy about what the hell they can do about bringing on World Peace...or at least a truce/cease fire for a few days.

Stay Tuned.


  1. I'm gonna call my med professional for underclass health care services and get a flu shot. I hate being sick, & can't *stand* the cold. I hope they don't experiment on me like in "The Tuskegee Experiment."


  2. I figure anyone below a certain income level is rated Expendable and receives an invisible ultraviolet "Guinea Pig" stamp on their forehead.


  3. Full disclosure...

    I actually took these maybe five or six years ago. Still they made the damned bleeping cold tonight. However given the screwed up climate it'll likely be 85f tomorrow!


    ...too lazy to sign in.