Thursday, November 27, 2014



Warning this is a 'very' Angry post.

The mad blind idiocy of mobs has done it's work again. I will say this again what the Fuck is wrong with Black people. What the fucking hell is wrong with US?!! In our rage we self destructively lash out at even our own. Destroying the property of not just Whites or Asians, but of Blacks as well. 

We do this every time. Madness stupidity gross idiocy.

No the crimes committed against innocent Blacks don't cover this. This is the behavior of mobs. This is simply put CRIMINAL, and can't be excused by anyone. Who will rebuild the businesses of the Black store owners who can't get proper insurance. 

Who will re-build that Church torched by the mob? A damned Church for fucks sakes!!!

Shame! Shame!, and Shame!

Shame compounded by the unjust court ruling. I'm waiting for the professional Black radicals to crawl out from under their rocks to once again call this outrage "crimes of survival"...Damn you, and Bleep You to Hell!

I am so weary I am so angry my heart is so broken. 


Stay Tuned.

( The above reprinted from my Facebook page.)


  1. That's a heartbreak, the way that woman's shop was smashed.

    I seem to recall your prior words on this general topic from quite a while back were "burning your own 'hood ain't swift," or something to that effect.

    How "crimes of survival" like ruining this woman's business or burning down that church help black people to survive is not clear to me. But maybe smoking the right kind of crack makes it all come clear.

    If the rioters attacked some more fitting object of their rage - the police department responsible for gunning down Michael Brown, or the courthouse where justice was so disserved - what would have been the official response? More brutality? Do the cops just *let* raging mobs burn down their own neighborhoods? What's the story with that?


  2. As I feel at the moment the general situation is without hope. We are just stuck with these corrosive traditions for the foreseeable future. The only hope of resolution or at least relegation of this horror to the back burner is the collapse of the economy, and the continued progress of radical climate change.

    They'll still be shooting Black 12 year old kids, but there will be bigger issues to overshadow it.

    Also Cops individual worry will no longer be his racial hegemony, but feeding, and protecting his own family as the power, and food run out. In that sense we'll all be in the same boat. However this will have to wait till around mid-century. In the decades before that we'll have more, and more shit like this.

    'Course there's always the small chance that world Sanity, and general Peace might break out. However I'm not seriously counting on it.

  3. "The only hope of resolution or at least relegation of this horror to the back burner is the collapse of the economy, and the continued progress of radical climate change."

    I'm afraid that is correct. It may well be that eventually race won't matter any more. But I don't think it will be in the context of a powerful prosperous republic known as the United States where society through democratic Constitutional processes has finally achieved the justice we've always dreamed of. It will be by some other historical process, much more brutal and reductive. It will be in a context of all-but-universal poverty where America is a much-diminished nation, marginalized on the world stage and scorned by nations we once lorded it over, or has broken up completely. Nations have karma just as individuals do, and it appears to me that this is ours.

    Not the social revolution we signed up for!