Thursday, November 20, 2014

"Facts of Life"

Back during the Ice Age when me, and Fred Flintstone were little kids. I used to think that all the granite skyscrapers on the New York City Skyline were made of Graham crackers. This before the our sky was blotted out by hundreds of glass, and steel disasters waiting to happen

Glass Box construction methods plus 9/11 anyone?

Right. Anyway I really thought buildings were made of various forms of candy, and crackers...made sense. Well if you were 5 or 6 it did. I thought those big doors on the walls of the Holland tunnel were made from dark Chocolate as well.

The cables holding up all the bridges were a kind of taffy, and the tops the roofs of the old subway trains were made from coal .  I mean they sure looked like it.

Well of course it turned out that them doors in the Holland Tunnel are made of Liquorice. That, and the old skyscrapers are made of pasta as are the bridge cables.

The roofs of old subways are in fact made from coal, and all the big bridges here in town are made from *giant Chinese erector sets. Makes perfect sense.

Btw I should have committed all this to paper years ago. I got beat out by some jerk that turned it into a children's book, and made a zillion bucks.

The Bastard!

Oh one more thing...the seats on the buses, and subways are as many have suspected made from meat. This explains the smell summer.

*( My Chinese relatives used to send me birthday, and Christmas stuff from Formosa. Them Chinese...from the mainland...erector sets were massive!! "Great Leap Forward" indeed! )

(...over fifty years later I 'still' have bits of it. They used STEEL! not that cheap bendable crap American sets used. Hey these guys were making with the Revolution, and not kidding around.)

Stay Tuned.

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