Monday, November 17, 2014

"Life Goes On"

It's a chilly rainy night or rather early evening in the Emerald City. I say evening because the sun seems to go down at 4:30 these days...swell. The season seems confused. It can't decide if it's still Fall or early Winter.

So 60f one day in the 30's a day or two later.

Me I'm okay. Not so yucky lately which is good. Seeing my new shrink on Thursday. Spoke with her on the phone just now she seems cool good at her gig. 'Hate it when you have to break in a new kid that's still going by the book.

Other medical jazz going on nothing life threatening for a change just routine stuff. Btw the Art classes are going well. I re-up for the new series. We'll see how this all goes.

Was going to the movies tonight, but it's so awful outside...I'll just get some take out, and call it a night.

Btw I looked over the News sites yeah the world is still getting blown to hell as fast as it can be arraigned. The innocent continue to be on the business end of AK-47's, and beheading axes.

The Drones are doing their dirty business as well.

George Jetson would not recognize this  version 21st century. Anyway my life damp as it is today goes on as does yours. Bless you all. I'll be back later.

Stay Tuned.

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