Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"My Art Book Project"

Greetings comrades above, and below are some pages from the Art Book project I've been doing at the "92nd Street Y". It was fun, and educational. Which is a nice way of saying I had a seriously swell time!

My last class is tomorrow evening.

After that I'll be starting the "Book crafting, and Making" classes. I have a feeling this one will be more work than play, but still fun. I'll keep you informed.

About this little book. It's an Auto-Bio thread of symbols. There was as you know much trauma in my young life.

The Blood Pages speak to this.

The Faerie G-ddess, and Nature images show parts of my inner light, and private Heart, and Soul. There's blood there too. The Traumas have affected my life, but does not rule it

The Baby in Faerie Land with blood streaks at it's edges sums up my story. The wounds are still there, but joy, and a kind of innocence survive.

Even into my greying years. 

The image below "The Angel of Hope" is the last in this thread of pages. This Spirit has been with me since I was little, and is the reason I'm still here.

This is my first attempt to visualize the Being. Others soon to follow.

Stay Tuned. 


Once again we have a long wide empty space. No idea how this happens, and as always I can't get rid of it. So like last time I invite my dear readers to draw something in this space.

Remember to use washable mediums on your screens. Paint might be a problem.


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