Wednesday, November 26, 2014


The Holidaze cause nothing, but cold lonely anguish. I despise them with all my heart. They are a blight, and curse upon us. All of it based on lies false assumptions, and greed.

'Am I getting through here?

Are our crappy lives not hard enough? Is this era of loss of freedoms, and security not grim enough? Must we have these micron thin days of dishonest joy insincere glee, and huge credit card bills as well?!

Abolish the lot all of it, and leave us the Hell Alone!!

Of course I mean all this in a nice way.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Sydney,
    I am getting to feel the same way too especially since I have been studying how the bankers are taking advantage of us by making money on every dollar that exists, yes every digital dollar and that is 97% of all money.

    Especially this year I am feeling especially estranged from my grand children who are being raised to be successful in this fraudulent world. Darn!

    Lukas ... who is going to try to not think about it. L

  2. Well I could say hang in there comrade Santa is Coming to Town!

    'But then he's owned by the Coca Cola Company ain't he. We live in a hell of a machine, and there's no way out...unless you're insanely rich, and can buy your freedom.

    Insulate ya'self from the crap.

    Sorry comrade no words of cheer from me just now. Try me after the New Year after all the shit settles down. Till than thanks as always for being there, and watch ya back!