Sunday, November 30, 2014


Usually the killing of Black people children or adults happens in high summer. So you'll forgive me if I'm somewhat disoriented confused by this wave of executions timing.

Since the Police street execution of the 12 year old boy Tamir Rice there have been six other shootings of Black persons by the Police around the country. I stopped counting after six. Oh it was the usual cause. Petty crimes that if a White had committed them they'd still be alive.

Perhaps having the shit beat out of them, but alive.

Business as usual in underclass America. This is so common it doesn't even get much mention in the Black media anymore.  As I bluntly mentioned earlier the lives of "Niggers" in this Republic ain't worth shit.

Still even now in 2014 with a Black President sitting in office for six years. Actually maybe because of it. I don't know. I take for granted the danger I'm in when I walk the streets or go into a Mall or shop.

It's just the lay of the land. 

Those thousand little cuts you get for walking while Black. People cross the street when they see me even in my old age for fear I'll rob them.

I walk past a car, and I hear the driver lock his door...a thousand time I've heard this. This for fear I'll drop my bags of shopping, and carjack him.

These are just the little humiliations of my everyday life.

I've sometimes wondered what it would be like to be free...actually for real free. That is to walk down a street any street, and not be noticed. Not be that eternal "Other" in American culture.

I picture myself just wandering along perhaps window shopping. Which I can't do. How many times have I forgot for a moment my place, and did just that. Only to have the shop clerk lock the door or put a "Closed" sign up.

This happened routinely over in Greenwich Village, and Soho especially after it went upscale. Again those thousand little cuts. No big deal having your humanity denied. It's not like they tried to lynch me. So I guess just minor affronts like this are actually social progress.

It's just that I'm rather weary of it is all.

That's me above there at about age six or so. I've posted it a few times. This is what I looked like when I was stopped, and taken into custody by the Police. The charge was suspicion of aggravated assault, and robbery.

Look at me. 

Who in their right mind could imagine this little guy could do anything other than maybe suck his thumb. However to the Heat I was a likely assailant.

I was taken to the house of the victim. They asked her to identify me being sure they had their man.  I was lucky. Very very lucky that the lady in question was both thoughtful, and educated. 

A teacher.

If she weren't my life would have taken a turn that I might not have survived. If the Police charged me. I'd have been thrown into the system where I'd have been brutalized in all manner of ways. 

Being raped, and beaten up by the older boys would just be the appetizer of a long frightful Hell.

'But as I say the Angels were with me...even then. The woman the victim of the purse snatching as best I remember said, "...Why have you brought this baby here. What have you done."

Again as best I remember she went on about as how the guy that mugged her was a man or a big teenager.  He was "Colored" though. I guess that was enough for the Cops to haul me in.

I was lucky.

99% of other "Colored" kids ain't. Not then not now.

It's worse now because they just don't beat the shit out of you, and toss you in the system. They execute you on the spot.

On the spot.

Being a kid will not save you because you're not a person not a human, You're one of them Nigger things whose life has no value whatever. 

That's the truth of it, and that's what has to be over come.

As I've said on these pages. Changing laws are the easy part. It's the work of a few generations. However changing Hearts is another matter. That could take centuries, and it still may not work.

Stay Tuned.


  1. Things aren't right here in America are they Sydney?

  2. No they aren't. Never were. As for the future I don't know. I just don't.