Wednesday, November 19, 2014

"END OF THE WORLD!!",...again

Well a killer Blizzard is usually a clear sign that summer is over. ...fall too. As you dear comrades know I don't watch TV or listen to much radio anymore. So big events are usually a surprise to me. I always dread just tuning randomly one day, and see that they finally shot Obama.

This is an ongoing fear, and nightmare of mine has been since he decided to run years ago. far so good.

Anyway I was tossed on my butt by the sight of 100 inches of snow blowing the hell out of folks just a bit north of the Emerald City here. 

"Holy fuck!" 

As the disciples said seeing their Boss rise from the dead.

(Saint Thomas is reported to have quipped, " Boss, um does this make you a Zombie?" Saint Peter smacked him, and they on with business.)

As to the storm...good fucking grief! 

Here I was wondering if I could squeeze one more day out at Coney Island, and an Arctic Apocalypse blows in. Mind you the climate being as fucked up as it is this doesn't necessarily mean a cold snowy winter.

We could still be celebrating Chanukah, and New Years out at Jones Beach. Planetary climate changes is funny that way. However hedge ya bets, and stock up on rock salt, and shovels,...ya know.

More as the "End of the World" we knew it continues.

I like the Fez! ...reminds me of the last Dr. Who.

Below is a clip from the "Happy Time" smiley corporate morning Newz. There they are being jolly about  storm that killed five people. They always do shit like that. Smiley happy though reporting the latest end of the world.

When I was in the Biz I had the opportunity to chat with one of the local TV happy news hosts...actually she was a neat person, but ya know she had to tow the line.

Which is what she told me. 

"Were directed to be positive regardless of the tragic circumstances of any story."  

Well there it is.

Stay Tuned.

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