Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"...could never get that"

Well here we are again. The Great American tradition of the Race Riot. Back in the day when I was a kid they happened every summer like clockwork. Not so much now. We have so many other far more important distractions.

Like which multimillionaire moron is fucking which other rich air head. ...and does their spouse know about it? That crap sells $Billions in newsprint, and supports a major part of the electronic media. 'But hey whose counting.

As with that Earthquake I slept through I missed out on the red hot violent mayhem that always happens when cops that shoot unarmed Black guys go free. It's even worse when the victim in question is innocent unlike our latest hero that bit the dust.

The youth was no Angel. By accounts he was just another bully. He sure acted the part when he gave the clerk in that deli shit, and lifted some cigars for laffs.

Still it was a hard judgment on the guy. At most he should have been given a summons for a desk appearance for his bit of nastiness at that candy store. Certainly he didn't deserve the Death Penalty while surrendering. That, and left in the gutter for hours to make the point.

What point?

A Nigger's life, innocent or guilty ain't worth shit.

As I said in an earlier post about the Black 12 year old boy shot by cops because they thought the toy gun he had was real. 

Here's my quote...

"...Black history with law enforcement forces me to ask this. What if this lad...again very clearly a young boy, and not as I just said a person that could be dangerous."

"What if this kid were white sandy haired blue eyed, and with freckles."

"Would 'that' have given him at least a 'chance' of survival?  A second thought just a moment's worth? A Shadow of Doubt as they say when trying a Death Penalty Case."

"Would that moment have spared the kid?"

Same with this youngster. "A Shadow of a Doubt". That's all we're asking for. Guilty or innocent give a moment's thought just a moment before carrying out a Death Sentence. 

Also as I said before a Police Person's job is hard extremely dangerous, and near completely thankless. A split second decision is all that stands between a Cop going home to his or her family or getting an official funeral with all the trimmings

I sure as hell don't want the job.

It takes extraordinary persons to be on the Force, and carry the power of life, and death. The pity is most law enforcement folks are just like you, and me. With all the fears false assumptions bigotries, and resentments that we all carry around.

The big difference is 'we' on the whole don't carry guns. We also aren't from a work environment that says Niggers is trouble shoot first, and sort it out later.

This is why my comparison of White kids with Blacks their same age will never work. A white cop will never, and can 'never' by the rules of the street ever see a Black youth potentially innocent as a White youngster.

There we are,...again.

That basic shit sums up this whole awful shebang.

Btw I could go into detail on the gross insane violent stupidity of burning down where you live to get at folks that live far away.

Never did get that. 

So till next time an unarmed Black kid is shot dead you be careful, and watch ya back.

Stay Tuned. 


  1. The Season's Greeting photo is *very* iconic & ironic. Really sums up our time on so many levels. Boy are we ever ready for Black Friday!


  2. "Black Friday" in 'every' sense of the phrase.